About VZNTaylor

"Vison perceiveth HIM not, and HE perceiveth all vision. He is the SUBTLE; the ALL- AWARE." 


After reading this sura from the Koran during the darkest hours and time of my life, I decided to use the name, VZN (vision), to identify the creative aspect that the Divine has bestowed upon me and my artwork. I see SPIRIT in every creation and I strive to acknowledge, and to represent the CREATOR of that SPIRIT in every aspect of my BEING. My paintings are a visual display of spiritual knowledge, cultural awareness, African aesthetic, graffiti, and education. 


I have been drawing and painting since I was a child and extended that knowledge through academia at Iowa Wesleyan University where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Art. My art professors extended their wonderful gifts to allow my natural gift to shine forevermore. My use of line, color, depth, space, emphasis, and balance offer my paintings a uniqueness only felt by allowing oneself to be completely absorbed by them. They are a true reflection of everything that I see, think, feel, and hear - a true manifestation of the SPIRIT, but in an abstract form.


My paintings are a beautiful collage of light, form, and radiance. They combine an abundance of spiritualism and religious doctrines to relate a story that is found in everyone’s heart and soul. I hope that all who “see’’ my paintings are able to feel that story; that SPIRIT that is alive within them and ready to come forth. 



VZNTaylor, artist